Why Magic Mushrooms Draw Interest Again After Being Banned for Years?

Following the freedom-focused era of the 1960s, the war on drugs pretty much hit the last nail into the coffin of mainstream psychedelic mushroom use – or so most people thought. In fact, even though they remain illegal in most places to this day, there is a strong push to decriminalize psilocybin mushrooms in certain parts of the United States.

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But what is the reason for this change? Are we headed back into the hippie era? Or is it something else? There are actually two main reasons why magic mushrooms are enjoying greater popularity than ever these days:

  1. With an increasing number of people learning about the positive effects experienced by Native Americans during their use of the mushrooms for healing rituals, mainstream science has also taken an interest in studying the mushrooms. The result was that many new studies showed very much promise when it came to using magic mushrooms to effectively treat cognition impairments, depression and a number of other mental issues. If you are asking where do mushroom spores come from for scientific research, talk to the lab specialists at Mush Love Genetics for informed recommendations.
  2. Magic mushrooms are being promoted as part of the New Age movement which focuses heavily on using substances like THC and psilocybin as meditation enhancers. The growing subculture promotes the idea that people who normally suffer from OCD or other problems that prevent them from meditating easily without aid can actually use the mushrooms to achieve a state of greater calm and unlock the powers of meditation without the added effort.