Where to Start on Your Path to Studying the Health Benefits of Magic Mushrooms

Chemistry researchers use magic mushrooms for pharmaceutical purposes, hoping to discover new medicines. Similarly, neuroscientists engage in psychedelic science looking to find new treatments for mental health conditions such as depression.

Therapeutic compounds naturally occurring in magic mushrooms have been used in recent clinical research to study the connectivity/communication between (cortical sensory) brain regions. The medical innovation using psychedelic mushroom spores lies with the potentiality for beneficial shifts in the brain activity patterns of individuals using psilocybin –a chemical extracted from a magic mushroom. You can find additional information on magic mushroom research and products at Mush Love Genetics.

Mush Love Genetics

For those starting to study the health benefits of magic mushrooms, it is advisable to look at the evidence in both ancient and modern medicine. It is also worthwhile reading blogs written by experienced practitioners who elaborate on how the use of psilocybin has influenced their mood and mental state.

There is also a lot of scientific research on using small doses of psilocybin for therapeutic effects or the increase of creativity and vigilance. Moreover, self-medication can also be looked into as it has become quite popular in managing depression symptoms or disorderly conduct.

Further research on medical protocols and procedures involving the positive results of other psychedelics could also be worth searching on the internet. That includes animal research tackling micro-doses administered to rats to improve their optimism and resilience in stressful situations.