Where Do Psilocybin Spores Come from?

Despite our current attitude towards magic mushrooms, mankind has known and used them since ancient times, either for survival (food), manipulation (induction of different states of mind), or for other purposes (medicinal, political, love crimes, etc.).

Nowadays, however, we are facing another side of the problem of magic mushrooms. On the one hand, governments are fighting against their indiscriminate use, because of the risks associated with their hallucinogenic effects; on the other hand, pharmaceutical corporations want to study these effects because, according to recent studies, psilocybin could treat depressed patients, whom modern drugs or psychotherapy cannot help.

magic mushroom spores

In this context, research is very important and it can be carried out under conditions of legality, with the help of magic mushroom spores, which do not contain psilocybin yet, at this stage of development. Magic mushroom spores free from impurities can be safely used in laboratory research. The spores are taken from mature fungi and stored in the form of prints or in a liquid medium, in sterile syringes. In this way, they can be kept longer, without losing their properties.

Spores are reproductive cells from which fungi multiply and grow. They are unicellular, small in size, and exist in very large populations on a single healthy fungus.