What You Need to Start Growing Your Own Psilocybe Cubensis Mushrooms

If you want to do some research on magic mushrooms, you may consider growing your own Psilocybe Cubensis, just to be sure that you are using the right thing. These mushrooms grow in nature, but it might not be so easy for you to find them; as for purchasing them from somebody else, this is still illegal, not to mention that it would be almost impossible to be sure that you get a reliable and safe supply.

reputable mushroom spores

But if you start growing your own Psylocibe Cubensis mushrooms, make sure to legally custom order reputable mushroom spores from Mush Love Genetics. Grow only as much as you need for your research and make sure they are not contaminated. Besides, laboratory grade mushrooms spores are legal, so you can use them safely for your research, as long as you do not cultivate with the purpose of using and selling hallucinogenic mushrooms.

It is not so difficult to grow your own magic mushrooms, in your lab. You just have to create the right environment and you will also need ingredients, equipment and hygiene supplies.

Ingredients include spore syringes, vermiculite, organic brown rice flour and water. As for the necessary equipment, it mainly consists of jars with lids, measuring cup, bowl, heavy-duty tin foil, towels, strainer, a cooking pot with a tight lid that you can use for steaming, micropore tape and mist spray bottle.

Hygiene supplies are needed to ensure a bacteria-free environment and include rubbing alcohol, surface disinfectant, air sanitizer, latex gloves and surgical masks.