What You Can Use Mushroom Spores For

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Mushroom spores are today available from a variety of sources. Mush Love Genetics offers specialty ordered psilocybin spores for sale that can be used for a variety of purposes as well. Here are some of the uses of mushroom spores for amateur mycologist and for people who want to grow their own mushrooms:

  • Study under the microscope – the spores coming from different mushrooms have different shapes and colors and many amateur mycologists enjoy preparing samples for studying them under the microscope.
  • Mushroom cultivation – the other very frequently chosen way to use mushroom spores is for calculating mushrooms. The easiest way to use spores for this purpose is to order mushroom spore syringes from a reliable supplier and to inject the contents of the syringe into a suitable substrate. Your mushrooms will start appearing very soon, after which all you will need to do is too ensure that the environment is suitably moist.
  • Preparing friends – creating mushrooms for prints is another great and popular activity that requires mushroom spores. The prints can be used for studying the shape of the spores as well as for creating great decorations for your room. Mushroom spore prints can also be used for starting your own mushroom culture without ordering spores from a supplier.