What to Avoid When Using Mushroom Spore Syringes

Mushroom spore syringes are syringes filled with GMO-free sterilized water and mushroom spores. They are also equipped with removable sterile tip caps. Mushroom spore syringes are usually sold with a microscopy kit containing a glass microscope slide, a protective case, and instructions for handling the spores. Commercial samples of mushroom spores are generally stored in a refrigerator to be preserved for longer than a month.

Spore syringes are used for research purposes or to grow magic mushrooms. However, if contaminated with bacteria or mold, the mushrooms can cause toxicity. Therefore, contamination should be avoided at all costs by purchasing recommended spore syringe products from Mush Love Genetics.

spore syringe

Many cases of human poisoning with contaminated magic mushrooms have been reported and documented throughout the United States. Fatal signs and symptoms include liver failure, chest pain, seizures, kidney damage, and gastrointestinal distress.

To cultivate magic mushrooms that are safe for consumption and medical use, one must avoid potentially contaminated mushroom spore syringes that can prove hazardous to health once the grown mushrooms are harvested. If the final product is safe, its daily use can help sharpen senses and improve self-awareness. Additionally, different studies show that taking psilocybin promotes creativity and productivity by enhancing the connectivity of specific brain regions. As a result, low doses of psilocybin are currently used in medical research to determine its potential health benefits and other important attributes.