What They use Magic Mushrooms for in Research

where do mushroom spores come from

At the beginning of the 21st century, scientists have turned their interest towards magic mushrooms again, with research programs started and conducted in many directions.

Here are some of the areas that scientists use magic mushrooms for in research:

  • The role of magic mushrooms in the treatment of severe depression and anxiety – study results have proved to be very promising, with many research programs working with volunteers confirming that magic mushrooms administered in doses that are so small they lose their mind altering capacity can efficiently alleviate the symptoms of severe depression and anxiety.
  • The treatment of addictions – research has revealed some promising results in this direction as well, with magic mushrooms administered in the form of micro doses having proven efficient in the treatment of several types of addictions, including the addiction to tobacco, to alcohol as well as to drugs. You may be wondering where do mushroom spores come from for research projects? One of the best places to buy mushroom spores for research is here at Mush Love Genetics.
  • The benefits of integrating magic mushrooms with cognitive behavioral therapy – there are several research programs that study whether micro dozing magic mushrooms has effects that can step up the efficiency of cognitive behavioral therapy. The results are promising so far, with many volunteers reporting positive effects, such as improved communication and problem-solving skills as well as improved focus and a more positive attitude towards difficulties.