What Is the Current Info On Using Magic Mushrooms for Fighting Depression?

According to several scientific studies, people who suffer from a treatment-resistant type of depression can benefit from the use of magic mushrooms. Other studies suggest that using psilocybin can actually re-set these patients’ brains.

The research demonstrated that only two doses of psilocybin had effects that lasted for about five weeks. On the other hand, other classic types of antidepressants have to be taken daily and in higher doses to obtain the same effects. At the same time, just a single dose of psilocybin managed to lift depression and anxiety in cancer patients.

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According to Professor David Nutt from the Imperial College in London, another thing about psilocybin is that it acts safely and rapidly in people. Thus, in one study, all the patients already made improvements after only one week. The fact that these magic mushrooms proved to have such quick anti-depressive effects could be of great value in case of severe depression when acting fast is essential. If you want to buy mushroom spores for at home study, Mush Love Genetics provides a quality product.

Still, according to researchers, magic mushrooms can help patients reconnect with their emotions, which is an essential step in getting better. Again, this effect can be contrasted with conventional antidepressants, which actually dull all emotions. Emotion processing can be of great help.