What Are Mushroom Syringes Used for

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Mushroom syringes contain a huge number of spores, millions of spores, actually. These spores float in a sterile solution. Such syringes can be easily stored and used.

The mushroom spore syringe is employed to inoculate a substrate. You may choose from different types of spores, including oyster mushroom spores, medicinal mushroom spores or magic mushroom spores.

An online supplier with psilocybin spores for sale reminds us that when mushrooms syringes are used, you need to make sure that the area you are working in is clean and free of any type of contaminants. Disinfecting your hands and using hand gloves are some other important details to remember. In case you need the spores for laboratory analysis, you also have to make sure that the microscope slide is clean and disinfected.

Inoculation is another purpose for which mushroom syringes are typically used. You will only need 3 milliliter of solution in order to inoculate 1 liter of substrate. You have to wait until the entire substrate is inoculated before the fruiting process may begin.