The Successful Use of Psilocybin in Modern-Day Therapy Sessions

The popularity of psilocybe cubensis mushrooms continues to grow as researchers and psychiatric experts discover new ways to use them for achieving improved mental health in patients struggling with depression and anxiety. Recent findings show that psilocybin is very useful in therapy sessions, leading to fast beneficial results that have been backed up by several important studies.

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How the Therapy Session Works

The use of psilocybin in therapy sessions seems simple at first, but it requires a safe space and the guidance of a trained professional.

During the session, a trained therapist administers a suitable dose of psilocybin to the patient. The patient then goes on a “psychedelic journey” under the guidance of the therapist, which can be compared to a hypnotherapy session.

As the journey unfolds over a period of up to 6-8 hours, the patient is able to address and resolve many mental blocks and emotional issues that might be present at a deep subconscious level.

A Look at the Most Promising Results

The main goal of using psilocybe cubensis mushrooms as part of psychotherapy is to help patients overcome long-term emotional hurdles and traumatic past experiences through just a few sessions, rather than spending months or even years going through conventional therapy sessions.

The studies and practical therapy sessions that were designed around the use of magic mushrooms have already shown many promising results. The most promising seems to be the effect of mushrooms on cancer patients suffering from severe depression. Oftentimes, a single dose of psilocybin was able to significantly reduce their symptoms and promote a more tranquil and content mindset.

People with depression and anxiety in general can also benefit from this type of treatment. For those resistant to conventional therapy, the use of psychedelic-enhanced therapy sessions proved to be extremely helpful. One study showed a significant improvement in 13 out of 20 patients.

Overall, with the help of a trained professional, the use of psilocybin in therapy sessions has been found to trigger improvement in patients with chronic depression, low mood, constant worry and fear of the future, a low sense of spirituality and connection, and an impaired quality of life caused by mental health issues.

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