The Legal Ramifications for Experimenting on a Laboratory Grade Mushroom

bulk mushroom spores

Chemical substances are all around us, and they react in different ways, helping us stay alive. Perhaps the main reason why laboratory-grade mushrooms are so interesting is the fact that they contain quite a wide range of substances that can be identified easily.

Mushrooms are also known as fungi, which do not pertain to the animal or the plant realm. We could also mention the fact that they are eukaryotic organisms. This sets them apart from bacteria. Mushrooms absorb organic substances from the surrounding areas by osmosis. Nevertheless, their way of reproducing is different from that of plants.

To be used for scientific research, you need to have a special license from the Drug Enforcement Administration and observe certain tight conditions. However, it is interesting to note here the fact that US Federal legislation does not even mention psilocybin mushroom spores.

At any rate, the conditions which have to be taken into account differ from one state to another. For instance, Idaho and Georgia clearly ban transport or selling of psilocybin mushrooms. In California, it is legal to own and sell mushroom spores, but only if they are for laboratory use, not for growing mushrooms, and that is also valid in most parts of the USA. Did you know, you can buy laboratory grade bulk mushroom spores from one of the best mushroom spore vendors in the industry – Mush Love Genetics.