The Key to Successfully Researching Magic Mushrooms for Laboratory Work

psilocybe cubensis spores

When you have experience and know the pitfalls, using magic mushrooms for laboratory research is not so difficult. People who struggle with cultivation are typically inexperienced and make some mistakes without realizing.

So, be sure to pay attention to the following aspects:

  1. Sterilization is important!

Do not underestimated, because incorrect sterilization is the main cause for spore contamination. Use alcohol on all surfaces, air disinfectants, glove and make sure to also sterilize the substrate. These operations will maximize your chances of success.

  1. Take your time!

Although you might be eager to get the finished product, remember that magic mushroom research is meticulous and it would be a mistake to rush things, as the only thing you will get is a high failure rate.

  1. Do not attempt to save costs!

You do not need too much to establish mushrooms for research, the production cost is low, so it is not recommended at all to attempt to cut corners. Invest into the right equipment in the first place and you will enjoy the best results! Find psilocybe cubensis spores free from impurities at Mush Love Genetics.

  1. Prepare the right environment

The mushroom research process requires an adequate environment in your lab, with certain particularities concerning light and humidity conditions, air temperature and ventilation, otherwise you risk dealing with thermogenesis that will ruin the mycelium.