The Abilities of Drug Detection Dogs – Can They Find Mushrooms?

Drug dogs are often depicted in movies to be able to detect the smell of marijuana and other illicit drugs. However, do they fare equally well when it comes to psilocybe cubensis mushrooms and other types of magic mushrooms?

A Look at How the Dogs Are Trained

Due to their susceptibility to conditioning techniques and strong sense of smell, dogs are animals that can easily be trained to detect various illicit drugs. The training process typically involves the dogs being exposed to various smells by their handles, and trained to perform certain actions when they detect the smell during an operation. If the dogs are well-trained, they may even detect the scent of psilocybin coming from faint sources, such as a carefully wrapped package.

Nevertheless, most drug dogs in the Unites States are actually trained to detect substances like heroin, cocaine, marijuana and methaphetamine. Unless the organization that uses the dogs’ abilities decides that gourmet mushrooms (if they are banned in certain areas) or psilocybin mushrooms are a priority, their drug dogs might not be able to detect them very effectively.

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Factors That Impact Drug Dogs’ Ability to Sniff Out Mushrooms

Everything from packaging to wind and weather can act as a deterring factor that may make it difficult for dogs to detect the faint scent of magic mushrooms. Here are just a few of these factors and how they work:

  • Unless the dog is trained to detect specific substances, they may ignore them.
  • The amount of the substance will also play a major role, as more of it usually means the odor is stronger and easier to sniff out.
  • Wind can carry the scent to faraway places, but also disperse it and make it harder for drug detection dogs to smell it.
  • An airtight package may not allow for enough of the odor to escape for detection to be possible.
  • Synthetic versions of psilocybin drugs and drugs found inside body cavities may be much harder for drug dogs to detect.

Although there is no true consensus on it, drug detection drugs can be trained very well in detecting mushrooms. In many cases they are taught to detect even emerging psilocybin-based drugs that hadn’t been previously in use for very long.

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