Some Science Behind Mushroom Spore Syringes

Mushroom spore syringes represent one of the most effective ways to grow mushrooms. Of course, you may be interested in finding out about the scientific part of the whole thing. Because of their uncommon structure, hardy psilocybin spores have the ability to survive in extremely difficult conditions, without any kind of problem.

psilocybin spores

It would be interesting to know a few things about spores, in order to understand how the spore syringes actually work. Thus, spores are nothing but the very first stage of a mushroom’s life cycle. Much in the same way that moss and other plants, mushrooms utilize spores in order to reproduce. Spores are made of a set of chromosomes and one single cell. But inside that tiny mushroom spore you can actually find everything that is necessary for generating a new primary mycelium.

We should perhaps say here that spores are actually floating all around us, in search for the proper environment to develop in. Mushroom spore syringes are loaded with a great number of spores, so the chances of successful cultivation are guaranteed.

A syringe usually contains 20 ml of solution, which should suffice for the inoculation of 6-7 liters of the substrate you are using for cultivation.