Should You Buy Psilocybin Spores from Other Countries?

As long as they are used specifically for educational purposes, psilocybin spores are typically legal to buy and order even from abroad. When you order them online, it doesn’t necessarily matter where you get them from, as long as you abide by the law in your state and avoid using them to grow actual mushrooms unless the area you’re in allows for it. One of the best places to purchase mushroom spores of exceptional quality, satisfaction guaranteed, is Mush Love Genetics,

Mush Love Genetics

When purchasing psilocybin spores, you’ll typically be getting them readily inserted in mushroom spore syringes that are used to inoculate substrates for the purpose of growing magic mushrooms. Nevertheless, even in this form the spores are not usually illegal. They are legal to buy and own in 47 states, and efforts are underway to get them decriminalized for research purposes in all 50 states.

The more important issue when it comes to buying mushroom spore syringes from unknown locations in other countries is that you can’t be sure of their quality or of whether or not the species in question will survive well in the United States’ climate. If you plan to use them for research purposes, make sure that the species in question is compatible with the environment in your area or that you have the adequate means to preserve the mushroom spores as effectively as possible.