Mush Love

Why Choose Us?

We’re industry leaders in top-quality psychedelic mushroom spores for study.

At MushLoveGenetics, we’ve made it our goal to become this industry’s leaders in laboratory-quality Psilocybe mushroom spores and prints. Our current offering includes a wide variety of Psilocybin spore strains, many of which are quite rare in the mycology hobby market. Our spore syringes are tested in a lab and we put the utmost effort into quality control for our products. Rest assured, all of our valued researchers and customers receive only the highest possible quality of magic mushroom spores.

We pride ourselves on being quite different than other vendors. At MushLoveGenetics, each of our syringes contains over a million mushroom spores that are protected against contamination in a sterile liquid. Our goal is to exceed the psychedelic mushroom industry’s standards and to deliver products that are pure, legitimate, and fun to study. 100% customer satisfaction is our mission!