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Microscopic study can be a complex process, for both professionals and novices alike. It’s vital to have only the purest samples available to study properly.

All of our psilocybe cubensis mushroom spore syringes are prepared in a sterile lab by professional, experienced cultivators that ensure that no contaminants make their way into your syringes. MushLoveGenetics’ staff have very strict and industry-standard processes in place for mycology research, so you know that the product you receive will contain the purest spores on the market.

For every syringe you source from MushLoveGenetics, you will receive several million high-quality mushroom spores that are free of contaminants. The sterile solution we use to protect your spores is proven to be beneficial in the prevention of spore contamination. We believe that liquid cultures like this make the process of transferring spores from a syringe to a microscope slide but easier and less messy.

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