Recent Research Studies on Growing Mushrooms from Mushroom Spores

mushroom spore kit

Although mushrooms have been around for centuries, and have been used by medical professionals for as long as there has been medicine, we still don’t know everything there is to know about them. That’s why more and more researchers are now dedicated to studying them and the results are very promising. For instance, mushroom spores have been used in order to see if mushrooms can be grown in other conditions than being planted in oil. There have been experiments with custom ordered mushroom spore kit supplies and accessories that show that mushrooms can grow in hydroponic installations, thus reducing the need for soil trains and growth huts.

Another experiment being done with mushrooms was conducted in outer space. Scientists wanted to see if mushrooms could be grown in outer space and how they are affected by zero-gravity and other factors. Turns out that mushrooms are highly adaptable even in outer space, granted that growth conditions are created. Also, the impact that the zero-gravity had on them made for some really interesting studies. The goal of such an experiment was to establish if mushrooms can be a viable source of nutrition in the case of extraterrestrial colonization. Mushrooms have already been eaten for centuries, and it looks like they are one candidate for our meals across the stars.