Myths about Magic Mushrooms

Magic mushrooms, shrooms, psychedelic mushrooms…you know them by many names. And you have also heard many myths about them. Some of them are so outrageous, that you definitely can’t believe them.

psilocybin mushroom spores

But what about those that do sound a bit reasonable? Let us debunk a few top myths about magic mushrooms!

  1. There Is No Scientific Value in Magic Mushrooms

Although illegal to grow and use, custom ordered psilocybin mushroom spores are now legal in many US states for scientific research purposes. But many voices say that this is just another way of making drugs. In reality, researchers from reputable hospitals and universities have found potential uses for magic mushroom compounds in the treatment of neurological diseases, depression and PTSD.

  1. Magic Mushrooms Will Melt Your Brain

While abuse of this type of mushrooms for recreational purposes may cause hallucinations and paranoia, the substance does not have any physical effect on the brain. On the contrary, with careful research and development of medicines, it may actually help people with neurological conditions.

  1. No Need to Research Medicinal Mushrooms – Just Eat Them

Many useful substances used in medicines are extracted from plants that are not edible. This is also true for magic mushrooms. Also, the research is still at the beginning, so there will be some time until doctors identify the correct dosage of all useful compounds.