Magic Mushrooms –A History

Magic mushrooms or shrooms are not a modern discovery made by hippies. In reality, people have been using them from the most ancient times. For certain civilizations, they played a key role in religious rituals, allowing priests and shamans to get in touch with divine beings.

shroom spores

Here are a few quick facts to show you just how old is the relationship between people and magic mushrooms:

  1. Prehistoric Times

The oldest representation of magic mushrooms is in a mural painting in Northern Australia. Archeologists say that the painting is from around 10,000 BCE. Other murals, found in Spain, and believed to be around 6,000 years old, also appear to depict magic mushrooms.

  1. Ancient Greece and Egypt

Two of the most developed ancient civilizations also used magic mushrooms in various ways. Ancient Greeks used them in religious rituals dedicated to the goddess Demeter, called the Eleusinian Mysteries.

As for the Ancient Egyptians, they called magic mushrooms “the food of the gods” and believed that the god Osiris put them on earth. They were available only to the priests and the upper classes.

  1. Modern Times

At present, scientists are increasingly interested in magic mushrooms. Using premium lab grade shroom spores, scientists study their compounds in relation to potential cures for neurological conditions, alcoholism, depression and PTSD.