How to Use Microdosing as a Beginner

If you used magic mushrooms in the past, you probably already know about their remarkable positive benefits. However, there is a fine line that most users walk when it comes to dosing their mushroom portions properly to avoid experiencing too many of the mind-altering effects they offer while enjoying improved creativity and cognition and reduced levels of anxiety.

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For users who want to avoid the less helpful effects of psilocybe cubensis mushrooms, it’s a good idea to try microdosing. The process uses extremely small doses that don’t affect your ability to function, but can still improve the way you think creatively and clearly, while having a strong positive effect when it comes to fighting your depression and anxiety. The best place to buy a mushroom spore kit is Mush Love Genetics.

As a beginner, it’s a good idea to start out slowly. Dosages should be started at the lowest recommended amounts, then gradually increased until the desired effects are obtained. It’s best to start out under the supervision of someone who is experienced with microdosing, so you’ll know when to settle at a dosage that works well for you.

Dosages shouldn’t be altered on a daily basis, but rather on a schedule that only requires you to microdose about once every 2-4 days. That way the effects are minimal and the positive results will be more visible over a long term period.