How to Become an Amateur Scientist Researching Magic Mushroom Spores

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Magic mushroom spores have raised research interests not only at universities and other professional research facilities, but also among amateur mycologists. If you have an interest in researching these exciting mushroom spores that have so much medical potential, here are some tips for you:

  • Start your research online – scientific interest having been directed towards magic mushroom spores for a couple of decades now, you will find lots of interesting scientific articles on the Internet. Start your research learning about what other scientists have already discovered, the process will help you determine the direction of your own research.
  • Create the right environment – to be able to research magic mushrooms, you will need to create your own laboratory. If you have not set up a research laboratory before, use the Internet to learn about the types of equipment that you will need. Read about microscopes, about how to create a sterile environment as well as about the accessories you need for conducting mushroom research.
  • Get mushroom spores of the right quality – make sure that the mushroom spores are of laboratory grade purity. The best way to ensure that is to turn to a supplier that has a reputation for providing high quality psilocybin spores for sale.