How Should Mushroom Spore Syringes Be Stored?

Mushroom spores

A syringe has millions of mushroom spores in a sterile solution and it should be stored in a clean environment and handled with disinfected hands and sterilized gloves. It should also be stored in a refrigerator in order to keep the spores viable for as long as possible. It can be stored long term if sealed properly from heat or air and if moisture is avoided at all costs. Proper storage conditions can extend the shelf life of mushroom spores significantly. As a result, they can last for over ten years.

All mushroom spores have an expiration date that guarantees their viability. The quality of the container also matters a lot because it has to be a laboratory-grade syringe stored in a cold and dark place in order to prevent exposure to light. A protective cap must be kept on the syringe at all times and the syringe itself should be placed in a sealable plastic bag. Before use, a constant temperature must be maintained and the syringe has to be sterilized with an alcohol wipe.