How Mental Health and Magic Mushrooms Are Connected

shroom spores

The world we live in today has a very fast pace – this is no secret for anyone! Although it can be a good thing in terms of productivity, fast life can often lead to psychological disorders. While there are drugs and therapies to help people cope with these problems, they do not work for everyone, so some people may need alternative therapies.

The results of the studies using psilocybin shroom spores aimed at administering psilocybin as a medicine, under medical supervision, are promising already! Here are some ways in which using magic mushrooms may be helpful in improving your mental health.

Deeper relaxation

Magic mushrooms induce a euphoric state that can take you to a deeper area of consciousness and relaxation. This might help you to deal with thoughts or emotions that you haven’t been able to deal before.

Alleviate depression, anxiety and PTSD

Magic mushrooms contain beta-carboline such as harmane and harmaline. It is known that they produce antidepressant effects. They reset the brains of patients with depression and help them move away from problems; they also have good results when it comes to anxiety related to cancer and fear of death.  The psychedelic effects of magic mushrooms can alter brain function, cognition, mood and even biological markers of health. They may stimulate the receptors present in the brain and increase neurological activity to reconnect functioning. Thanks to this, magic mushrooms can cure the trauma resulting from psychological and physical events.