How Do You Grow Mushrooms for Cooking

magic mushroom spores

Growing mushrooms for cooking can become a profitable business, if some essential aspects are taken into account.

First of all, it should be mentioned that a mushroom culture is sensitive to several factors such as temperature, humidity and ventilation, so you must constantly monitor these values. An optimal temperature for growing mushrooms is generally around 20 degrees. When temperatures approach 10 degrees, the development of the mycelium slows down. The optimum humidity of the substrate should be somewhere around 63%. Also, an essential moment in cultivating mushrooms is the preparation of the nutrient substrate, depending on the strain you want to grow.

Mushrooms are remarkable life forms. They have no roots, stems or leaves. They grow so fast that you almost feel like you are watching them evolve. That part of the mushroom that rises above the ground is called the fruiting body. The rest of it lies underground and looks like a mass of tangled threads. These threads are called mycelium. Mycelium threads grow from very small spores (like dust particles) and form an extensive network in the substrate on which the fungus grows.

The most common option is to use mycelium for growing mushrooms, but in the case of some species (those that fall into the category of magic mushrooms), considering that the mycelium contains psychoactive substances, you will have to focus on cultivating magic mushroom spores – something that you are allowed to do legally, for the purpose of scientific research.