Grow Your Own Mushrooms and Enjoy the Best Summer Mushroom Recipes

As summer’s in full bloom, finding rare and delicious recipes is the call of the day. If you’ve already used your mushroom spore syringes to grow healthy and delicious edible mushrooms you, then you’ll be happy to know that an impressive variety of delectable recipes exist to help you wow your guests and keep them coming back for more.

Delicious Summer Mushroom Recipes

Mushroom recipes are easy to follow and generally very enjoyable to go through. What’s more, most types of mushrooms are very nutritious, and can be used creatively in a variety of dishes that are appropriate for pretty much all tastes:

  • If you’re a vegan, you probably spend a lot of time hunting for delicious veggie burgers. Instead of wasting time, why not prepare your own mushroom quinoa veggie burger at home with a dose of protein-rich, organic mushrooms? Important tip: adding flavor with a little black garlic mayonnaise will further enhance your experience.
  • Another great way to kickstart your summer is with a mushroom salsa. This is a great choice for parties, and can be even more delectable with a touch of garlic and charred red onions.
  • Anyone who loves pizza will be absolutely delighted by a mushroom tarte tatin with honey and goat cheese. This easy to make tarte tatin can be topped with mushrooms and sweet shallots for simple and delicious summer dish you can whip up at short notice.
  • A smoky wild mushroom bacon dip is another great choice for parties, where you can serve it to guests alongside some tasty thick-cut potato chips.
  • Mushroom grain salad and pancetta is yet another great combination for feeding large groups. You can get a truly great flavor by mixing delicious mushrooms with your crisped pancetta.

Mush Love Genetics

The Benefits of Growing Your Own Mushrooms

While it’s easy to buy mushrooms at the store, it’s far better to grow them yourself. You can order mushroom spore syringes from Mush Love Genetics and cultivate the mushroom spores of rare and expensive edible mushrooms from the East, or popular and delicious mushrooms like Portobello or Chanterelle mushrooms.

Although it takes longer, growing your own mushrooms from mushroom spores can help you save a lot of money and allow for a much more customized home dining experience.