Four Pieces of Information about Micro-Dosing on Magic Mushrooms

Micro-dosing on magic mushrooms can sharpen the mind and all senses and it can make you slightly more conscious and self-aware. It can increase creativity while decreasing depression. However, micro-dosing on psilocybin (the active ingredient of magic mushrooms) can also trigger hallucinations.

psychedelic microsoding

The four most important pieces of information about micro-dosing on magic mushrooms are: potential benefits, potential side-effects, legal status worldwide and customized/personalized use.

Potential benefits include: reduced necessity for caffeine, anxiety relief, mental flexibility, fluid intelligence, enhanced capability of brainstorming, propensity for meditation and introspection, alternative treatment for treatment-resistant depression, boosted creativity, artistic inspiration, improved productivity, enhanced ability to focus on abstract concepts, changes to the functional connectivity of brain regions (in order to make them become more in sync) and enhanced convergent and divergent thinking. However, the claimed benefits have not been legitimized by in-depth scientific studies.

Potential side-effects of psychedelic microdosing entail: mind wandering, destabilized rational regions, hallucinations, racing thoughts and a false and disruptive sense that everything is connected to everything else. As a result of these potential risks, the legal status of micro-dosing on magic mushrooms is quite ambiguous worldwide. For instance, in Australia, it is illegal, while, in Bahamas, it is fully legal and controlled by the United Nations Convention on Narcotic Drugs.

In the British Virgin Islands, it is legal to possess, cultivate and consume magic mushrooms, but illegal to sale, In the U.K., however, magic mushrooms are listed as class A drugs. As a result, the possession and use of magic mushrooms in the U.K. is strictly prohibited. Nevertheless, uncultivated mushroom spores are not yet regulated in the U.K.!

The personalized use of micro-dosing entails customizing the dosage in order to better fit your lifestyle and current needs. For instance, those requiring anxiety relief or decreased symptoms of depression may use a fairly high amount of micro-dosing, whereas people wanting to boost their productivity or increase creative thinking may choose to consume smaller doses.