Finding the Right Mushroom Spore Syringes for Your Research – What to Look for

shroom spores

Using mushroom spore syringes is considered to be the best way for amateur mycologists to cultivate their own mushrooms. The syringes contain high concentration of the spores harvested from the mushroom species that the researcher needs – after being collected, the spores are introduced into a water solution that goes into the syringe and that needs to be injected into the substrate for the mushrooms to start growing. For the best results, your syringes need the following essential features:

  • Laboratory grade purity – if you are to achieve the best results, you need uncontaminated, perfectly pure shroom spores. To get what you need, make sure that the supplier guarantees that quality level.
  • Go for syringes with a Luer lock – the syringes fitted with a Luer lock are the most common ones, the types that can be fitted with a needle that gets locked in place when twisted. The feature is important to ensure that the contents of your syringe does not get contaminated.
  • Individual packaging – each of your syringes needs to be wrapped separately, a feature of extreme importance not so much for the syringe and its contents, but for the sterile needle that comes with each syringe. You cannot use a contaminated needle.