Factors to Consider When Buying Mushroom Spores

The kingdom of mushrooms being so diverse and with so much to study for professional as well as for amateur researchers, mycology or the study of mushrooms is enjoying great popularity these days.

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If you have been considering starting your own mushroom research at home, here are a few things that you should have in mind when picking your mushroom spore supplier, buying your products and setting up your lab:

  • An impeccable reputation for laboratory grade purity – the supplier you choose to source your products from needs to be able to guarantee that the quality mushroom spores for sale are of impeccable purity.
  • Accessories of the highest quality are essential, too – important for your research are the accessories that you will need for carrying out your research. Ideally, you will need a variety of disposable products, including not only tools to handle the spores, but also disposable gowns to protect your clothing and to prevent the contamination of your mushroom spores. You will also need a microscope and glass containers for your research.
  • Consider the room – the room in which you are going to set up your mushroom lab needs to have proper ventilation, but it also needs to be separated from the other rooms in your home to prevent mushroom spores from spreading all over the house.