Do You Need a Laboratory Grade Mushroom for Microdosing?

You might have heard about microdosing on magic mushrooms and how powerful a process it can be when it comes to fighting off depression, lethargy, cognition problems and a whole array of other mental and emotional problems without any side effects. While taking magic mushrooms the old fashioned way can have some unwanted side effects, microdosing will dispose of those side effects while still allowing you to benefit from the positive results without a problem.

psilocybin spores

Specialty ordered psilocybin spores are used to cultivate psilocybe mushrooms with a high content of the substance psilocybin. While that means the mushroom will have a greater mind-altering effect on anyone who consumes it, you’ll find its healing capabilities are also greater. These types of mushrooms are known as laboratory grade mushrooms, because they are commonly used by scientists to extract psilocybin in greater quantities to serve for experiments.

The use of laboratory grade mushrooms in microdosing is not necessary, since the amount of psilocybin needed for the process is minute, and is widely contained in regular magic mushrooms. The benefit, however, is that you need only a small amount of laboratory grade mushrooms to last you quite a while when it comes to microdosing. Depending on your dosage, you might not need to restock for quite a while, and your results will be impressive to say the least.