Details About the Medical Use of Magic Mushrooms

microscopic mushroom spores

Psilocybin is likely to become a revolutionary new therapy for the treatment of depressive disorders. New studies show that this substance can have amazing effects on neurons.

Psychedelic drugs can cause an intense mystical experience if used in high doses. But in small doses (microdosing), they have an effect on neurogenesis, counteract the symptoms of depression, increase the size of neurons and improve the connection between brain cells.

Psychedelics have been recognized since the 30s as having therapeutic potential for certain neuropsychiatric diseases. More recent studies on psilocybin, an alkaloid from the psychedelic family, have shown that it really relieves symptoms of depression. Benefits are obtained quickly, with only 2-3 microdoses, and are maintained for several months.

Thanks to these findings, 3 years ago, the FDA granted the status of a “revolutionary therapy” for psilocybin and decided that some intense clinical trials in this direction are very much required. Top quality microscopic mushroom spores can be purchased from Mush Love Genetics to continue these important research projects.

The immediate and lasting increase in connections between neurons as a result of the administration of psilocybin in a controlled environment is miraculous and lasting, which can open a new era in the use of psychedelic drugs.

Hallucinogenic mushrooms could also become a palliative treatment for patients suffering from cancer in terminal stages, significantly reducing their depression and anxiety.