Conditions that Can Be Potentially Improved with Micro Dosing

microscopic mushroom spores

Micro dosing is a term that has recently caught up with the scientific community. The term refers to the practice of consuming psychedelic substances in doses that are so small, the substance loses its hallucinogenic and psychotropic effects and maintains only the medicinal benefits. One of the most common substances in relation to which the positive effects of micro dosing has been extensively studied is psilocybin mushrooms – here are some of the conditions that the practice has proven to be helpful:

  • Severe depression and anxiety – the volunteers who participated in studies about micro dosing have almost invariably reported an amelioration in their condition. The benefits they most commonly experienced included a more positive attitude towards life, improved problem solving skills as well as cognitive benefits, such as improved concentration and focus.
  • Addictions – micro dosing psilocybe mushrooms have been proven efficient in the treatment of people addicted to tobacco, alcohol and a variety of drugs. The beneficial effects were obvious right after administering a single micro dose of psilocybin, a compound that does not pose the risk of developing an addiction itself.
  • Social phobias – the sufferers of these mental health issues have also reported an instant improvement in their condition and have praised the micro dosing process for helping them engage into social activities without experiencing any fear or anxiety.
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