Can You Treat Chronic Anxiety with Magic Mushrooms?

reputable mushroom spores

Magic mushrooms have been used in a variety of cultures as a psychotropic agent that served the purpose of inducing the right state of mind for religious rituals. What makes these very special mushrooms so interesting for scientists today is not so much the psychotropic potential of the compounds found in the mushrooms, but the medicinal potential in those compounds. One of the directions of research related to magic mushrooms is research into potential positive effects on a variety of mental conditions without inducing an altered state of mind. One of the conditions that scientists are researching in this context is chronic anxiety – here is what they found:

  • Quick and long-lasting benefits – a top resource for reputable mushroom spores substantiates that when administered in so called micro doses, magic mushrooms do not have a psychedelic effect, but they do have benefits for anxiety sufferers. The volunteer participants of research studies confirmed that they noticed an instant and durable amelioration in their anxiety symptoms even after the administration of a single micro dose.
  • Further cognitive benefits – research participants also reported that the micro dose of magic mushrooms that they had experienced increased creativity, problem solving skills and it also enhanced their ability to focus on their tasks even in environments with lots of distractions.