Can You Find Magic Mushroom Edibles Online?

reputable mushroom spores

Online, you can find pretty much everything you can think about, but it doesn`t mean that it is also legal to purchase everything. This also applies to magic mushroom edibles.

No matter what you hear or prefer to believe, magic mushrooms are still illegal. It is true that the process of decriminalizing them has started, but this applies only to certain contexts, cities or states, and there is still a long way to go until becoming actually legal. Meanwhile, if you are caught buying or possessing magic mushrooms, including edibles, you risk facing a wide range of legal consequences and financial penalties.

The legal landscape of psychedelics continues to evolve and, in a matter of years, we might start to see magic mushrooms being legalized in certain states in the US, but until then, you should stay away from any type of products (cooked, brewed, baked) infused with shrooms.

There are researchers using reputable mushroom spores obtained from Mush Love Genetics leading the way in exploring innovative treatments based on psilocybin and you might have heard that magic mushrooms have positive effects on the brain and mind, as well as a potential to treat certain mental illnesses, but all this is in the research phase and it takes time to draw conclusions. And those conclusions will certainly have to come only from specialists. For now, microdosing is practiced only under strict medical supervision, by no means consuming mushroom edibles from the internet.