Benefits of Magic Mushroom Forums

There are many reasons why people choose to experiment with and cultivate psilocybin spores, also called magic mushroom spores or shrooms. Through anecdote after anecdote, study after study, they have been shown to offer a wide variety of benefits to the user or patient, ranging from curative advantages like treating depression and anxiety and helping people with substance abuse disorders to mind-opening and life-changing experiences sought by users who don’t necessarily suffer from a disorder or medical issue. 

That being said, taking or growing a hallucinogenic drug for the first – or even the tenth – time can be an intimidating experience, or at the very least one that drives people to seek out information and share their experiences with other “psychonauts.” And one avenue has emerged as particularly useful for this purpose: online magic mushroom forums. From the absolute beginner to the experienced user, magic mushroom forums have benefits for all fans of mushroom spores. In this article, we’ll dive a bit deeper into what magic mushroom forums are, where you can find them, and what you can expect to find.

What are Magic Mushroom Forums?

Online forums are message boards where people can have discussions on the internet with others with whom they share a common interest. Unlike chat rooms, online forums generally can go into more depth, keep archives of their messages, and most often have moderators who assure that the conversations don’t violate any terms of forum usage that users have agreed to. Around since the early days of the internet in the 1970s, online forums are a deeply ingrained part of internet culture.

Online forum topics span truly everything you can think of from fandoms of certain celebrities, video games, and TV shows to UFO-watching to fashion to, yes, magic mushrooms. The most popular magic mushroom forums that are around today have been in existence for over a decade, meaning that they serve as a highly comprehensive and rich resource and archive of information and discussion related to psilocybin mushroom spores. Chances are good that if there is something you want to know about psilocybe cubensis spores, it has already been discussed on these forums. And if it hasn’t been yet, you can ask a question yourself that will be seen and responded to by knowledgeable, informed forum users. 

The Benefits of Magic Mushroom Forums

There are so many different advantages that you can get out of using magic mushroom forums. From learning about what psychedelic mushroom spores are and how they affect people, to how to grow them or forage for them in the wild, to reading other people’s experiences with shrooms or sharing your own, these forums are the go-to place. 

Because of their long history, there is a lot of information to be found on online magic mushroom forums that can’t be found anywhere else, even with new species of mushrooms being documented and described on them for the first time. For people interested in mushroom genetics, methods of growing mushrooms, and the ins and outs of breeding and isolating phenotypes within particular species, online mushroom forums offer a surprisingly exact and scientific wealth of information.

Offering diverse viewpoints from people all over the world bringing their own unique personalities and ideologies to the forums, you can engage in anything from lighthearted joking to serious scientific inquiry to challenging debates. 

Finally, magic mushroom forums can also help you get in touch with others who share your interest and passions, allowing you to make both online and real-life friends, attend events and gatherings of like-minded people, and participate in a real community that can understand, support, entertain, educate, and listen to you. 

Note that online magic mushroom forums are not in the business of helping people acquire illegal drugs. If you’re looking for mushroom spores for sale, seeking the contact information of drug sellers, planning to ask for drugs or sell drugs, it is likely to be against the forum’s rules and you may be punished for doing so.

Popular Magic Mushroom Forums

Now that it’s clear what magic mushroom forums are and why you might want to use them, here’s an overview of the most popular forums currently around.

Shroomery is the largest forum currently online related to psilocybin mushrooms. It’s 13 years old and consists of many smaller sub-forums spanning topics like the psychedelic experience, psychedelic medicine and research, mushroom cultivation, mycology, gourmet and medicinal mushrooms, mushroom hunting and identification, and general interest topics such as philosophy, spirituality, politics, and science. 

Shroomery also offers a community section that serves as a general discussion hub where you can engage in conversation about pretty much anything, which many view as the heart of the forum.


Reddit, a network of many different forums, also called subreddits, is home to several subreddits related to magic mushrooms, the most popular of which are /r/shrooms, /r/shroomers, /r/PsilocybinMushrooms, and /r/psychonaut (which is not mushroom-specific but does contain a lot of magic mushroom discussion). 

There are also several subreddits related to mushrooms, spores, spore prints, spore swabs, and mushroom spore syringes including /r/mycology, /r/SporeSwap, /r/ShroomID, and /r/sporetraders. 


More of a general mushroom forum than one specifically focused on magic mushrooms, Mycotopia still has an abundance of magic mushroom content. There is a large section on growing mushrooms, with a subforum specifically focused on psychedelic mushrooms, as well as a “counter-culture” discussion section with topics like spirituality, morality, psychedelic trip experiences, and a section for recreational and lifestyle pursuits. 

These are the three largest magic mushroom forums to be found online, all of which have their own place and are worth checking out if you’re interested in psilocybin, mushroom cultivation and breeding, psychedelics, and/or mushroom hunting.