A Quick Guide on Storing Different Types of Mushroom Spores

psilocybe spores

To reduce spoilage, mushroom spores can be stored in the fridge. For instance, mycelium can be preserved for up to twelve months in a refrigerator. However, if stored at room temperature, mushroom spores are only viable for up to seven days. Different types of mushroom spores entail similar storage conditions. However, wild fungi (morel mushrooms and Psilocybe Cubensis) are better stored in a perforated plastic wrap that you can place the spore syringe in. It is also important to remember to clip the bag in order to secure it.

Most mushroom spores should be kept out of direct sunlight in unused dishes placed upside down in the refrigerator to prevent contamination. In some cases, you can also store them in a cold room.

You can learn to preserve spore prints on paper or foil by spraying them lightly with hair spray in order to prevent them from floating away. You can also collect spores on plates of glass. You have to, first, wash the glass with soap and water and, then, dry it and sanitize it with alcohol. Ultimately, you can also transfer mushroom spores and collect them by using sterile petri dishes. You can learn more about the proper storage of psilocybe spores by talking to the laboratory experts at Mush Love Genetics.

In Canada, mushroom spore kits are legal and sold in stores and on websites. However, a license is, usually, required under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. Exemptions can be obtained only for medical research or for the assistance of patients suffering from depression and anxiety. Research is allowed in order to facilitate the development of future therapies for mental health conditions. Permissions can be received from the Ministry of Health. Moreover, Canada health regulators can grant access to psychedelics to those suffering from life-threatening medical conditions in order to help them gain relieve from death anxiety.

Similarly, in Israel, magic mushrooms are legal only for personal use and cannot be sold. Moreover, possessing large quantities for recreational is also illegal. Conversely, owning mushroom spores used to be fully legal in the Republic of Ireland, but it was made illegal by a ministerial order in January 2006. The storage of mushroom spores used to also be legal in South Africa, but now magic mushrooms are listed as undesirable dependence-producing substances in this country as well.