A Quick and Simple Buying Guide for Mushroom Spore Syringes

Spores are the seeds of magic mushrooms, those controversial fungi, with hallucinatory effects, both honored and feared throughout human history. Spores represent single cells that carry chromosomes required with the genetic information to reproduce a new primary mycelium.

If you plan to grow laboratory grade mushrooms for research purposes, you will need spores. Magic mushrooms do grow in the wild but not everywhere, so the easiest way to get spores is by purchasing mushroom spore syringes.

Are magic mushroom spores legal?

Considering that magic mushrooms are still illegal (decriminalized in some states/ cities, but far from being legal yet!), purchasing or using them can get you problems with the law. However, things are different when it comes to their spores, as spores do not contain psylocibin (the hallucinogenic substance that makes magic mushrooms illegal). Therefore, they can be bought safely.

best place to buy mushroom spores

However, there are a couple of things to take into account when purchasing mushroom spores. You will have to find a reliable source, to make sure that the spore syringes have been properly sterilized, and their content is not contaminated. The best place to buy mushroom spores that are contamination free is at Mush Love Genetics. Spores can get easily contaminated with bacteria, in which case they become useless. Besides, it is very important that the spores are actually in the spore stage. If they develop a little more, they become illegal and you could have problems because of buying them.